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St David’s Diocese Wills 1672 – 1690


St David’s Diocese Wills 1672 – 1690

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St David’s Diocese Wills 1672 – 1690

Complete transcriptions of 146 Wills from BRE, RAD & HEF

Diocese of St David, Counties of Breconshire, Radnorshire, & Herefordshire.
Dated between 1672 – 1690

Surname Index: Allen(1), Anthony(1), Beavan(1), Bevan(4), Bowen(1), Christopher(1), David(5), Davies(2), Delahay(3), Dillwyn(2), Dylwyn(1), Edward(1), Evans(1), Forster(1), George(1), Gunter(2), Haine(1), Harry(3), Havard(1), Hughe(1), James(1), Jenkin(2), John(3), Jones(6), Lawrence(1), Lewis(10), Lloyd(2), Maddock(1), Meirick(2), Meredith(1), Meyrick(2), Morgan(1), Parey(1), Parry(8), Penry(2), Perrot(1), Phillip(2), Phillipp(1), Phillips(3), Powell(1), Price(2), Prichard(3), Probert(1), Prosser(4), Prytherch(1), Pugh(5), Rosser(1), Thomas(13), Watkin(3), Watkins(2), Whitney(1), William(6), Williams(9), Yorath(2).

Widows Index: James(1), Thomas(1), William(1).

Patronymics Index: John ap John, Thomas ap Evan, Lewis ap Lewis.