St David’s Diocese Wills 1612 – 1671


St David’s Diocese Wills 1612 – 1671

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St David’s Diocese Wills 1612 – 1671

Complete transcriptions of 212 Wills from BRE, RAD with a few from HEF and MGY.

Diocese of St David, Counties of Breconshire, Radnorshire, Herefordshire & Montgomeryshire. Dated between 1612 – 1671

Widows Index: Allen(1), Charles(2), David(2), Howell(1), Hutchins(1), John(2), Kinvin(1), Lloyd(1), Merrick(1), Lewis(2), Llewellyn(1), Parry(1), Penry(1), Phillip(1), Pritchard(1), Probert(2), Pugh(1), Rees(1), Roger(1), Rosser(1), Thomas(5), Watkin(1), William(2), Whitney(1), Williams(1).

Patronymics Index: Phillip ap Harry, Thomas ap Richard David, Harry John ap Gwillim, Jenkin ap John, David ap John, David ap Evan ap Madock, Lewis ap Robert(2), David John ap Eustance, Thomas John ap Madock, Thomas Watkin ap Evan, John ap David, Thomas ap John, Roger ap Evan

Surname Index: Anthony(1), Bedoes(1), Bevan(3), David(7), Davies(1), Edward(1), Eustance(1), Forster(1), George(1), Griffith(1), Gunter(4), Haile(1), Harry(2), Havard(1), Holl(1), Howell(2), Hugh(1), Jenkin(5), Jenkins(2), Jevan(1), John(4), Lawrence(2), Lewis(10), Little(1), Lloyd(2), Maddock(1), Maddocks(3), Madock(2), Madockes(1), Mellin(2), Meredith(1), Merrick(1), Meyrick(1), Morgan(2), Parry(14), Philip(2), Phillip(2), Powell(7), Prees(7), Price(1), Prichard(3), Probert(3), Prosser(7), Pugh(4), Rees(1), Rosser(1), Thomas(10), Vaughan(3), Walter(1), Watkin(9), Watkins(2), Whitney(3), William(4), Williams(6), Ychan(1)