St David’s Diocese Wills 1562 – 1850


St David’s Diocese Wills 1562 – 1850

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St David’s Diocese Wills 1562 – 1850

Complete transcriptions of 150 Wills from BRE, RAD, HEF & MON.

Diocese of St David, Counties of Breconshire, Radnorshire, Herefordshire & Monmouthshire. Dated between 1569 – 1879

Breconshire: Collet(1), David(3), Delahay(3), Edmund(1), Foster(1), Greenow(1), Griffith(1), Griffiths(1), Gunter(1), Gwillim(1), Havard(1), Higgin(3), Higgins(1), Howell(2), Jenkin(3), Jevan(3), Job(1), Llya(1), Lia(1), John(1), Jones(2), Lewis(26), Lewes(1), Manwaring(1), Miles(2), Parry(1), Phillip(2), Phillips(1), Price(1), Prosser(2), Pugh(1), Rees(2), Richard(3), Shelton(1), Thomas(8), Urrye,(1) Walboff(1), Watkins(1), William(6), Williams(8).


Radnorshire: Baskerville(5), Beavan(1), Davies(1), Griffiths(3), Higgins(1), Jevan(1), John(2), Lewis(5), Mason(1), Milward(1), Price(2), Pugh(14), Williams(1)

Herefordshire: Greenow(1), Higgins(2), Lewis(1)

Monmouthshire: Lewis(1)